Decorative Glass Gabion Rocks

Glass gabion rocks

YGGS can now incorporate Decorative Glass Gabion Rocks to be used within gabion cages.  These glass rocks are extremely strong and durable, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing. 

As the rocks are transparent, lighting effects can be used and placed behind the gabion baskets to provide a fantastic effect, as shown in the image below.  More images are available in the gallery.

Glass gabion rocks are available in a number of different colours and sizes, and can be used in conjunction with standard rock filled gabion cages.

Stunning, attractive and tough, Glass Gabion Rocks look the part whilst achieving amazing durability, comparable with standard gabion rocks.

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  • Glass gabion rocks

    Decorative glass gabion rocks are an alternative to standard gabion rocks, and can have a number of advantages.

  • Soil Retaining Walls

    YGGS can employ a number of specialised soil retention techniques to stabalise slopes and prevent the effect of downward gravity.